The Other
The Other

My Bachelor project at ZHdK.

It is an art-game about relationship with the Other that was heavily inspired by Sartre. It has 3 levels of depth: emotional, psychological and philosophical.
The Player can interact with 3 objects in the room... or not. Not doing anything is also a choice. The next state of the Other and the Room itself will depend on what the Player have done previously. The Other remembers everything and responds accordingly.

Since the production took only 2,5 months I've developed my own narrative system that includes 375 different reactions and provides heavily multilinear experience. The efficiency of such system depends on the Player's personal take. I didn't want to limit the perception of whoever plays this game by some specific thought or a story, it is open for interpretations.


More artwork
Olga brykina screenshot 08Olga brykina soloOlga brykina 2019 10 29