Deliv Android App

Oriollie - Deliv App protorype example

Deliv Android App

The task: To make a high-fidelity prototype of an Adroid app for food delivery company using an existing wireframe.

This is my follow-up of Chris Barin's course on app-design in Adobe Photoshop and XD. The wireframe, overall design and prototyping flow belongs to Chris. The actual work with some content changes was done by me.

During this course I learned:
— the principles of app design for Android both in Photoshop and Adobe XD (different approcahes and tools)
— the basics of app-design for iOs
— integration of the existing project in XD and adjusting it accordingly
— content creation in XD from scratch
— prototyping in XD
— exporting all the data and deliverables for devs using Zeplin (both from Photoshop and XD)

You can download the XD file here:

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